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where family comes together

The Elric Family
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where family comes together
~The Elric Family~
.Where family comes together.

Welcome to The Elric Family community! This is a place exclusively for FullMetal Alchemist’s EdxWinry, AlxMei, and TrishaxHohenheim families. Parental! RoyEd, HughesEd, the military, Izumi & Sig are included in the package as well. They make up a part of the boys’ family throughout the show, so it would only be fair to recognize them as types of guardians. You all can post your fanficion, artwork, banners, icons, videos, and all those lovely things related to these families. It is low-pressured and friendly and anyone can join whether it is to post to the community or simply enjoy the works of others. This is also the extended community for The Elric Family in fanfiction.net. You all can join that one as well, well, you can tell my staff or myself if you would like your work featured there.

This is a free x themed community!


1. This is a free community with a twist, meaning that you are free to post as many archives as you want, but it’s also a themed community and topics will be posted once a week. So take a day out of the week and attempt to work on the given theme.

2. You don’t have to introduce yourself. Just hop in, enjoy the ride, and just say you’ve been here since forever.

3. You don’t have to claim a pairing. Sharing is caring, so let’s be good children and share the pairings.

4. No bashing/flaming other works. Be nice, play nice, and equivalent exchange will work it’s alchemy. Constructive Criticism is encouraged. The level of judgment is up to the author/artist, though. You can choose from mild, moderate, or Straight Out reviews.

a. Mild – Excited praises and congratulatory expressions; shy comments that read: “Um, well, you can fix this…”

b. Moderate – Not praising, but not flaming. The reviewer simply states where the author/artist can improve.

c. Straight Out – The reviewer cuts to the chase, doesn’t waste time on praises, and goes to the main points.

5. Stay on topic. Remember: this is for the ELRIC families. Meaning children, pets, and the like have to be included. It’s not just fluff in the characters’ relationship. Also, concerning Parentals!, remember to keep it that way. No RoyxEd, HughesxEd, RizaxEd, RoyxAl, etc. Another thing, make sure to mention, feature, or center Ed and Al in your work. There would be no point if they weren't there.

6. Although we are not homophobic or heterophobic, pairings must be kept canon.

7. Works can be of any rating from G to NC-17, or from K to M, depending on which system you like better. Please place a warning if there are any scenes, kink, or inappropriate content, such as macabre, blood, killings, that type of stuff, ect.

8. All types of genres, settings, and situations are acceptable. Although the main genre is expected to be Family, you can add as many as you like. Heck, you can even put that the pairing is a genre in itself. I do that, so you can, too.

9. It can be AU, mangaverse, animeverse, mixed verse (both manga/animeverse combined), Brotherhood, I don’t care. The families just have to be there, okay? Notice how much we love these? Please respect them because everyone has their favorite, so no bashing preferences.

10. You can post your entries or use the themes from this community in other communities as long as you give credit.

11. The minimal word count is 50 words. Go crazy from there.

12. NO PLAGIARISM. Please respect each other’s work and ideas. Don’t steal, post others’ things as your own, or claim that you made it when someone else did. You will be banned if this happens.

13. Themes will be kept in a list, so if anyone didn’t get the chance to participate in the previous themes, they get an opportunity.

The Themes

14. You can advertise other communities here as long as they're of interest to the members of the community. Same goes for contest of other communities.

15. Please place your work behind an LJ-cut. It’s very simple.. You can crosspost to your journal or link to fanfiction.net, deviantART, tumblr, or any other site where you post, but just use the lj-cut format:

Theme: (theme name & number) or Free write: (depending on whether you choose to write about the given theme or your own fic)
Author’s Note: (include warnings, spoilers, explicit content, dedications, rambling, important info)
Disclaimer: (always important)
Part of Livejournal’s The Elric Family community (challenge)!

Also, snag and place this in your profile for participating in the community:

The Elric Family

by miss_auto1621

If you have any questions, contact the admin. Have fun!